Laura McDonnell | Realtor

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When choosing a team of real estate experts in Silicon Valley, you cannot compete with experience. Our team boasts a wide array of both local and general real estate information. For many buyers and sellers, our knowledge has helped them save money, reach their goals and find themselves finally happy with the real estate they own!

My team and I make buying and selling local real estate a breeze. We are a down to earth team of Silicon Valley top professionals who are here to work with you through every step of the process! You don’t have to worry about a difficult buying or selling process! We make things efficient and simple! Not all realtors offer the time, experience and dedication we do! Find out what makes us so different!

Experience The Difference

I spend 80% of my time advocating for my sellers and buyers and only 20% chasing leads.  It’s sad to say, however, the truth is that the majority of “top agents” Have the intention of getting a listing with no intention of properly representing their clients.  

My team and I strive to do things the right way because we know that my clients deserve the full extent of the value that they’re paying for.   

“When you do what you love, people love what you do.”